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We offer consulting services to set up your online startup. We are happy to provide best marketing strategies so as web development of your online business.



Here's What we offer.

Business consulting services.

We have supported many startups  and created great businesses to business relationships with our clients, our online business consulting services are the major point to start from.

In order to helping you define  how to build manage  your online business, we will ask you some difficult questions helping to create your business and marketing plans, the keys of your business model. 

Our wide experience with startups and any kind of new concepts can help you to define technical capabilities needed for creation of your web source, or software> We will also help you to see your marketing opportunities and the related expenses, to define your business guidelines and  and  financial information to attract investors for your online business model.

What if you have an idea and you need a website + some marketing features helping your business to start up? Well..there is so much to consider. How about a stress test? Just let our team to help you with your great idea. 

Web Design.

While there are many tools to create your own site it seems everyone can do it, however not every site is created properly. The point is that ist's not hard just to build it, it is very hard to build it correctly. This is a key point. Your site should be properly appear on all media including mobile devices and tablet pc. Your site should match search engine requirements to be efficiently indexed by search engine machine. All these actions will increase a human traffic and certainly will grow your online business grow. It's a different story right?

All our web sites software are built from scratch, created with the manual coding and in accordance to your specific needs and requests. We aren't engaged in outsourcing and never use templates. We take into account your aims and desired needs from the very beginning. 

If you want to reach new peaks with your website and need  a web design and development  you can drop this under  our control. Just simply contact our web development services below and get your free consultation. 

Internet marketing.

So your site is created, and it's great and functional, but it's not the end of the story. There are dozens of people doing the same right at the moment, so you must have a lot of competitors around you.  Whether you are searching on how to get human traffic to your website, or you want to increase your sales having online store, or whether you are looking for a “sexy” brand name , we've got you covered. 

Offshore Consult has been developing and making solid online marketing plans for our clients from the very birth of  the Internet.

We also kept our knowledge up to date and have adapted to all global internet changes through years. We know everything about global search engine functioning and always in deep research of new updates.  

Web Marketing 
Just contact us if you are looking for any help in the web marketing area. We are ready  to give amazing results and help you with each  stage of your web business marketing setup!

The Offshore-Consult Story

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Founded in Prague, Czech Republic in 2012, Apava INTL SRO, Inc. is small  design, consulting and online marketing agency working under Offshore-Consult brand.

Over the last decade we’ve made a reputation for supporting startups, growing successful business models, and building beauty designed and fully functioning websites which look great and easy-to-use.  In addition... we have rocked the USA and UK markets. 

You can be guaranteed to get a proper business strategy so as full-functioning website that will effectively reach your target customers and help your business to grow up.  
If you like what we do and you want to see the way we do it, just contact us, it is simple. We will discuss it over and launch your personalized project plan, your first offshore-consulting pack.


Pricing tables

Our consulting service helps you to create proper business model but it’s not a short story. An amazing website design supported with proper functionality can be one of the most important aspects for your business. Building up a business plan, web design and marketing strategy that fully matches your expectations is not an easy job.  Just contact us, we'll work together and create a personalized pricing plan, so-called offshore-consulting pack to fit your needs. We offer this to our every customer. The standard consulting pack price varies from 99 to 499$ depending on the services included. The lowest pack price considered as 9$


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